Hå gamle prestegard

Hå gamle prestegard
– where contemporary art meets ancient history

Hå gamle prestegard is an art and culture centre housed in traditional, listed buildings, which provides an exciting area for contemporary artists – visual arts, installations, sculpture – as well as handicrafts and cultural history exhibitions.The Vicarage is one of the most popular days out in Rogaland and an ideal starting point for adventure trips along the coast.

The municipality of Hå owns Hå gamle prestegard. The institute has four gallery-rooms that present contemporary art of a high standard with national and international artists.

The gallery is beautifully situated on the coast in the southwest of Norway. It is a 40 min. drive from Stavanger, Norway’s 4th largest city. Approximately 40.000 people visit us each year. In the county of Rogaland we one of the few public gallery that specialise in Arts and Crafts exhibitions (also well represented in our shop).

In addition to the pure art exhibitions, we also hold some exhibitions based on social and cultural history. In these productions we often link history and contemporary art in innovative and unexpected ways.

Elisabeth Tønnesen

Rasmus Nordlander

Asle Haukland Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg